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Start Getting Perfect 3D Prints, Reliably Without Spending Hours "Tinkering"
Start Getting Perfect 3D Prints, Reliably Without Spending Hours "Tinkering"
No colour choice, selection may vary.
You can't print reliably without reliable filament. 

So why not get the World's Most Reliable Filament: (for FREE!)
"the reliable quality of makes them a 
no-brainer to recommend"
Receive 100g of the World's Most Reliable 3D Printer Filament. Choose our PLA in 1.75mm or 2.85mm sizes.
No colour choice, selection may vary.
Receive 100g of the World's Most Reliable 3D Printer Filament. Choose our PLA in 1.75mm or 2.85mm sizes.
*Limited Time Offer* - Get 3 x FREE Samples (100g, Worth $15)
"the reliable quality of makes them a 
no-brainer to recommend"
What makes so reliable? works easily with your printer. Dial in the easy settings provided, and it prints with a perfect finish & unmatched layer adhesion. 

Every. Single. Time. 
The difference is in the details. 

Our super-tight tolerances (0.03mm+/-) with pure raw materials and no contaminants makes your printing 100% reliable. Nozzle jams are a thing of the past.
Unlike cheap brands, our colours are sublime. What's more, the colour you see on screen is the colour it'll be after printing

We don't do 'washed out' colours and our pigments don't change over time.
So why are we giving it away for free?
We know how much difference to your printing just using the right filament can make. Our customers do too (see below). 

But you don't, yet. And we don't expect you to just take our word for it. We know once you try and see for yourself, you'll join the thousands of people spending less time wasted and more time printing what they want to print.
Whose Behind Filament?
Whose Behind Filaments?
About Ed Tyson
About Ed Tyson
Ed is the founder of filaments and The Institute of 3D Printing (Io3DP).

His companies have advanced the success of 3D printer enthusiasts worldwide with a simple philosophy. Feed your printer with the right filament & use the right method, and you'll get the right results. dosen't just make the world's most reliable filament. They're a 3D printing authority producing industry-leading how-to guides, read by hundreds of thousands of users. 

And & The Io3DP's Technical Support Experts have personally helped thousands of people avoid the pitfalls of 3D printing and get better prints, reliably. 
Here's what you'll receive:
  • Your 3 x 35g samples of the world's most reliable PLA or ABS, worth $15 USD.
  • Same working day dispatch & FASTshipping!
  • Direct access to's renowned, helpful technical customer support. 
  • 100% More-Than-Satisfied Guarantee. You'll LOVE, or we'll replace the samples or refund your P&P. 
  • FREE "" STL File, Exclusive To Customers
My prints are already OK, why should I try
There's a long answer to this question, but basically cheap filament is holding back your 3D prints from looking perfect. So why settle for anything less? is manufactured to industry leading standards. That's how we guarantee perfect prints. 

It's not just the 100% reliable, no-jam printing you'll appreciate either - with our unmatched layer adhesion even PLA prints will be strong and suitable for a surprising range of end-use applications. 
What about customer service?
Our technical customer service is second to non. We're not happy until you are and we'll do what it takes to get you printing as promised. 

What's more; we back up all with a 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee. We'll replace or refund if you're not 100% satisfied. 
Shipping & Returns?
Your samples will be sent express delivery. Orders inside the UK will typically arrive in 1-3 days, while overseas may take a little longer. If you don't love your filament within our generous 60 day window, we'll refund you - no questions asked!

We also ship worldwide!  
$15 for 100g seems expensive, do you sell 1KG spools?
Yes! We sell 300g spools from $20 and more economical 2.2LB spools from $36. It's our belief that once you try printing with - you'll see the difference and why everyone loves printing with our filament. 
What everyone's saying about us:
You can print 2 x "" per 35g sample
PLUS - Get Your FREE "" STL File 

The Articulated Print-In-Place Robot Exclusive To Customers
Claim your FREE 100g sample pack of filament to get perfect, reliable 3D printing!
BONUS: Get our 100% Reliable Printing Cheatsheet, FREE!
The tips in this cheatsheet are 3D printing gold. Save hours of head scratching.
You can print 2 x "" per 35g sample
PLUS - Get Your FREE "" STL File 

The Articulated Print-In-Place Robot Exclusive To Customers
Here's how good your benchies will look. 
And some of our customer's prints...
Jason Canning 3D Print
"First time customer A++++ service received couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Purchase made for my brother at Christmas, he’s addicted to his 3D printer & I wanted to get him some amazing quality filament.

He loved it! The quality is better than amazing its spot on perfect! Dispatch & delivery were super quick (couple days max.)  Really can’t fault Will be back!"

Katherine Brookes
"This PLA always works. I have been 3d printing for a year and I never have a problem with rigid ink filament. It is a variable I don't have to worry about and is consistent from batch to batch. 

The grey is a nice neutral tone for protoyping model kit parts and although PLA isn't the best model making material Rigid Ink's isn't too hard to sand and responds well to super glue and paint. Haribo sweets in the box are always appreciated as well!"

Nikki Austin
"Beautiful material. So purchased this PLA from and yes a little on the pricey side but damn what a filament.  

Initially changing over from one filament to another new filament I was bound to have problems, so rather than race to the reviews and scream, shout and jump up and down like an immature child I chose to troubleshoot the problem.

Seriously if you buying material for a 3D printer and expect it to work out of the box you don't realise this is the realm for the big boys and girls who use their initiative and there will always be some little problem.

While troubleshooting I threw an email over to the great staff at Rigid Ink which I also followed up with a phone call, after a short conversation and a couple tit bits of suggestion and advice I proceeded attempt again at printing with Rigid Ink's pla. After just 5 mins my problem disappeared producing a beautiful print.

All I can say is yes this supplier is on the pricey side, but you do pay for what you get a great material and a very friendly and helpful customer service team who are also very knowledgeble about the product they sell. I will be buying more filament from them in the future.

Keep up the good work guys and expect my orders."

Ray Jones
"Definitely not a bridge too far! 

After having a bad experience with translucent filament from a different manufacturer it felt like a gamble opting for the translucent sample pack from

With the other filaments I have tried I wouldn't even attempt as they've sagged with bridges as small as 10 to 15 mm.

I was impressed to find this test a resounding success.

With filaments, it now means I can push the designs I have in mind much further.

The settings I used were as follows: 

- Hotend: first layer 200C, all others 190C 
- Plate: initial layer 40C, all others 35C"

Andy Smith
"Best PLA I've used. Prints a little hotter than others I've used - I bumped my usual PLA profile up to 205 to get a well-fused 1st layer - but comes out really rigid (quite appropriate!) with excellent overhangs and no inclination to stringiness. 

The colour is the richest I've seen; the orange is a lovely strong vibrant shade that makes my previous lot look a bit anemic. 

Well worth the money!

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